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Our Hair Fall Treatment Combo is specially designed to provide you a solution for some major hair concerns we are facing today. Be it hair fall, premature grey hair or dry & ruff hair Our Hair Fall Treatment Combo is specially formulated with  powerful ingredients consisting of Ayurvedic Essence, Natural Essential Oils & Cold pressed carrier Oils to give you  Powerful yet Natural Products to control hair fall and to leave your hair feeling super soft and protected. Created by experts in the field of hair care, this professional  combo not just helps you with the Major problem of hair fall, It also combat problems like premature greying, rough & dry hair.A powerful combination of Ayurvedic & Natural oils it can provide multiple benefits to the hair!It has ingredients which have been proven to promote hair growth Bhringraj, Brahmai,Amalki to name a few.And also ingredients which provides a cleaning & calming effect to your scalp like Cinnamon, Neroli & Lemongrass to name a few.This kit includes a Hand made neem wood comb  which is beautifully crafted by hand and known for it's therapeutic properties. Unlike moulded comb, our combs are handcrafted. Each comb tooth is saw cut & then the overall comb is polished by skilled craftsmen who give them a  smooth finish and you can feel the difference as soon as you hold it in your hands.Our beard combs are so convenient and also manageable in your pocket, you can carry them anywhere & anytime. Try them once and you will never lay hand on another comb !!Go on take your first step towards helping your hair !!

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