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Since founding Breland & Farmer Home Designs, Inc. in 1973 in Jackson, Mississippi, Edsel Breland, FAIBD, has sold tens of thousands of home plans to families in the United States and internationally, earning countless design awards along the way.

Inspired by the charm and grace of old southern mansions, Edsel has spent more than 40 years creating classic and livable plans. Hailing from the deep South, he had plenty of opportunity to study grand estates in places like New Orleans, Natchez, and Vicksburg, and he references them in some of his homes' exteriors. Many of his designs also display elegant front porches, with layouts inside focused on contemporary living.

Edsel considers balance, proportion and detail to be the three main ingredients of good design and, using these, strives for perfection in each home that he creates. He and his company continue to produce innovative and timeless home plans for your enjoyment.

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