Cabin House Plans

Looking for your perfect vacation home? Cabin floor plans offer a rustic simplicity, with everything you need for a relaxing getaway, and who needs more than that? In fact, you might even find the right-sized home for everyday living in our cabin home plans collection. Cabin style encompasses Swiss-inspired chalets and Craftsman-influenced bungalows. The straightforward footprints and simple roofs of cabin floor plans are inexpensive to build and efficient to maintain, and you can dress them up as much as you like with finishes and details ranging from rustic to luxurious. Though many cabin plans are designed as true getaway homes with pared-down space and amenities suitable for weekend stays, others offer all the comforts of home, with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for every family member and guest to enjoy some privacy. One thing that all cabins have in common is a porch, deck, or other space in which to enjoy the outdoors. You can also find cabin house plans in our collections of Cottage Style Home Plans and Log Homes.