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Proathlix Instant Energy Rehydration Tablets Pack Of 2 | Pineapple & Orange Flavour (12 tablets Each Tube) | Electrolyte Sports Drink

Brand : Proathlix
Proathlix Rehydration Tablets is best energy booster to get rehydrate after hard workout, training, running and other high stamina sports. Dehydration In Sports - All athletes will experience some level of electrolyte loss and dehydration. The extent of this loss depends on the type of physical activity, but more importantly the rate of sweat. The average football player sweats anywhere between 1.3% – 4% of body weight each game, and represents a high loss of electrolytes. How Rehydration Tablets Work -Hydration Tablets contain a precise combination of salts, minerals, and glucose to restore electrolyte balance. The glucose aids the absorption of sodium through the wall of the intestine, correcting the electrolyte balance in the blood circulating the body and allows the body to rehydrate by moving water to where it’s needed the most. So Proathlix rehydration tablets come with all the vital components like Sucralose, Aerosil, Maltodextrin, glucose, sodium, citrate, Chloride which is required to replenish the body after dehydration etc. It comes in two tasty flavor pineapple and orange and easily dissolvable which make it instant energy booster.
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